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Simply Gin - Shimmering Red
Simply Gin - Shimmering Red

Simply Gin - Shimmering Red

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Introducing our meticulously crafted artisanal gin. Our gin offers a harmonious symphony of flavors that begins with the bold embrace of Juniper. Distilled using a cutting-edge cold distillation process, it preserves the very essence of each botanical, ensuring a premium experience.

What is cold distillation? Cold distillation is a process where the pressure is reduced to lower the boiling point of the gin. Due to the lower temperatures needed, this technique preserves delicate flavors and aromas that are often destroyed by high heat, resulting in a purer and more refined spirit.

How does it feel? Imagine a drink that energizes you and doesn’t give you that throbbing headache the next day! Here’s how our gin achieves that:

Euphoric High and Upper Drunk: The preservation of natural botanical compounds enhances the gin's mood-lifting properties, usually leading to a more euphoric, "upper" type of intoxication. This is because the subtle, intact flavors can interact more pleasantly with the senses, elevating your drinking experience.

Reduced Risk of Hangovers: By minimizing impurities, our cold-distilled gin is generally smoother and less harsh on the body. Fewer impurities mean that the body has less toxic byproducts to process, which significantly reduces the risk of hangovers.