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Apple Sparkling Emerald Green, with a fresh, authentic, juicy profile with the perfect sweet acidic balance.

Banana Shimmering Blue, A distinctive tropical fruity flavour, one that you will love. 

Blood Orange Shimmering Vibrant Orange, Unique taste, well balanced between sweetness and acidity.

Cranberry Sparkly Red, with a flavour-burst of sweet, tart and fragrant cranberries.

Citrus Sparkling Gold with international appeal, bringing a crisp flavour to any drink.

Coconut Sparkling Pale Blue, Fruity, milky, sweet with slight notes of melted butter. 

Cucumber Sparkling Emerald green with a mild melon aroma and flavour; accented with the crispness of slightly sweet, faintly salty.

Chilli & Lime Sparkling Emerald Green. Chilli-spicy, hot fiery, sharp with he sour notes of Lime.

Cherry Sparkling Rose, A combination of sweet and sour its amazing in every way. 

Lime Sparkling Emerald Green. Fresh juicy lime with authentic acidic notes.

Lemon Shimmering Pearl, A slight note of sweet and a whole load of sour. 

Litchi Shimmering Silver juicy ripe litchi with refreshing sweetness and a hint of acidity

Lemonade Sparkling pale pink, with authentic acidic notes, soft and yet zesty citrus.

Lemon & Lime Sparkling Lemon yellow, A slight note of sweet and whole load of sour. 

Passion Fruit Sparkling Deep Red. Sweet and tangy, fruity and tarty.

Peach Rose Gold. The perfect sweet fruit with just a little acidity, exactly like a juicy peach should taste.

Pineapple Sparkling Gold with a deliciously sweet, perfectly ripe pineapple flavour and some acidic notes

Strawberry Sparkling Red “Fruity, sweet, with a little bit of acidity. Taste one of these plump and juicy red berries perfect for any drink

Watermelon Shimmering Emerald Green, A juice watermelon flavour that taste just like summer. 


Bubblegum Sparkling Deep Blue. Nostalgic bubble gum flavour, memories of a happy childhood

Caramel  Shimmering Rose Gold, A rich and creamy, classic Caramel flavour for the sweet toothed.

Cheesecake Shimmering Turquoise, Rich and creamy with a sweet and slightly tangy finish.

Coffee Shimmery Copper. This coffee flavour tastes just like the perfect cappuccino should.

Cookies & Cream Shimmering Turquoise, Cookies & Cream – All your favourite flavours in one bite.

Cream Soda Shimmering Emerald Green, Real Creamsoda flavour with and amazing view. 

Chocolate Shimmering Copper, Chocolate flavour. A bitter, sweet Sour, creamy Symphony

Espresso Shimmery Copper. Rich, Smooth Espresso flavour, with a hint or crema and a lingering aftertaste

Fireball Shimmering Deep Red. Fire-ball flavour exactly like the jawbreaker you remember.

Fudge  Sparkling Gold - If I told you there was no actual fudge in this you wouldn’t believe me

Marshmallow Sparkling Pale Pink. A magical recipe of sweet and fluffy marshmallow flavour with notes of candy and cream.

Milktart Shimmering Pearl. A thick and creamy vanilla flavoured custard.

Liquorice Sparkling Black Liquorice Flavour. A Mouth full of a taste that you love or hate but mostly LOVE

Tutti Fruitti Sparkling Deep Red. A whirlwind of fantastical fruit flavours.

Turkish Delight, Sparkling Pale Pink, A fragrant, rose flavour that packs the essence of the Middle East in its whimsical notes.

Black Bull Shimmering Black taurine flavour that will tell your brain it’s getting a serious energy boost.

White Chocolate Shimmering  Gold - sweetness, dairy milky & buttery, vanilla, caramel, creamy, melting.

Simply Gin  Mystery colour, Authentic Gin flavour exactly like the Gin we love, but we choose the colour the every batch will be a surprise. 

Simply Fabulous Any colour glitter, Choose form any of our fabulous colours without changing the flavour of your drink. 

Simply Champagne Any colour glitter,  This will make any drink taste like champagne without the kick, or add it to champagne and you won't even know its there.