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During the world, famous, 2020 COVID lockdown, in the midst of extreme boredom and the search for some fun, evolved a game-changer for drinks. We decided that life was too short to have boring drinks, so we developed the glitter bomb with a small home machine and gave a few to a friend as a gift. Within a few hours we had 6 orders and people asking where they could find these glitter bombs.

Within a couple of weeks we had bought our first industrial machine and moved the production from the back of the kitchen to a factory setup. Our team has also been growing since then. We have been amazed by the take up and how many people are raving about our glitters bombs. The first of its kind in South Africa!

It's been a lot of fun spreading joy because life is too short to have boring drinks. Our aim is to bring an end to the same old drinks. We want to add a little sweetness and sparkle wherever we go.
Gary & Helena Willicott