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Candyfloss or Candy Floss or Cotton Candy

Candyfloss or Candy Floss or Cotton Candy

If you love "candyfloss", "candy floss", "cotton candy" and found yourself looking to buy candy floss online in South Africa, you've maybe wondered exactly what you should search for.

Or it never crossed your mind and you just put in "buy candy floss online" and was minutes away from ordering your childhood memories.

Well, incase you are interested, although the Oxford English Dictionary has it down as candy-floss, that is probably one of the few places it is used liked that. 

In most cases in South Africa you will see it either as candyfloss or candy floss and even cotton candy. Although "cotton candy" is more typically used in you live in America; due to the American influence in South Africa; cotton candy is also a term that many people search for.

Having done a quick check with google keywords, both "candy floss" and "candyfloss", appear to have very similar results in terms of searches per month. Although "candy floss" does generate many more results.

So in summary there is not really a right answer. You can search for candyfloss, candy floss or cotton candy if you are trying to buy online. 

Other than that, I guess if you're like me, you don't really care as long as you find really good tasting candy-floss (Which you will do using the link below)

Buy Candy Floss Online in South Africa


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